Here is some more information about
our friend, the peacock:

Starting from the top, the crown-like feathers
are called the crest or corona. This gives them a regal look.
The beak is 3/4"-1' long, black, curved.
The whole bird, male, is 18-36 inches tall,
with a very thin, long neck, (about 12")-
this could explain why sometimes he
sounds like a trombone, other times, like a taxi's honk.
Peacocks will eat meat, and I believe the long neck and
curved beak may help them reach into areas to eat,
much like vultures.
The wing span is 5 or 6 feet, enabling a peacock to
fly up at severe angles into very high trees.
They like to be high up to see and to call
out to their friends.
Their feet have three toes pointed forward, one
pointed backwards, much like dinosaur feet!
Peacock in Spanish is "pavo real," which is
to say "royal turkey." Their bodies are very
similar to turkey bodies.

One peacock is a peacock, more than one are called peafowl.

I have heard a group of them is called a muster.

In this part of the country it gets cold- 10 degrees or so,
but doesn't last for long, except for a few years ago, when we
had 12" of snow on the ground for about 3 weeks.
The peacocks did okay, but really didn't like the snow,
staying up in the trees until late in the morning, then
flying down and landing only where there wasn't snow
on the ground. They walked on the paths we shoveled,
and if they had to walk on the snow, they did it very gingerly,
sort of tip-toeing their way along.
I have a covered place they can perch on out of the weather
during the day, and they take advantage of it, but still
fly up into the trees at night, even in heavy showers like we
have in Oregon. I do make sure there is a cleared place
where I scatter the cracked corn and cat food, and I
think where it's really cold for long periods that
hot cereal or warm soaked grain maybe helpful to warm them.
Basically though, they are tough old birds and manage to
survive most anything.

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