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Someone wrote that their peahen attacked her own
peacock egg that she had laid.
There are several explanations I can think of
for this to happen:

*Not enough room: If a male has 3 foot long feathers, when
he is fanned out, he will need about 8 feet of width and
5 feet of height just for his feathers!
Then he needs room to move,
so a cage should be at least 12 feet wide and
20 feet long, and 10 to 15 feet high, or even higher,
with perches. In the wild, peacocks usually
stay within 2 or 3 acres, but mine have wandered up to a
mile away to check out my neighbors! With the males
strutting around in the cage, the females need some room to
get out of the way. The larger and taller the cage,
the better for your peacocks.

*Not enough privacy: The peahen needs a sheltered
area, covered with branches or plywood, out of the view
of strangers. She needs nesting material, such as straw,
and basically an area as close to nature as possible.

*Not the right food: I feed my peacocks twice a day.
If they were in a cage, I would probably go out more often
with treats during the day. Basically they get:
*32% protein (dried cat food)
*turkey and game feed- crumbles
*cracked corn or hen scratch
*greens- unsprayed lawn clippings, weeds, sprouts
*fruits & Veggies- strawberry bits, oranges, melons,
*treats- bread crumbs, bits of cheese, scrambled
eggs, cottage cheese, crackers, worms

The cracked corn, game bird food and cat food are
available at all times in a peacock "smorgy" trough,
located high enough that dogs can't get to it

*they must have minerals: oyster shell for healthy
bones and thick egg shells, gravel bits for
*AND clean, fresh drinking water. I add vitamins
and electrolytes (for poultry) to the
peacocks' water, about .5 tsp per gallon, to look like lemonade. This helps the birds through times of stress and extreme heat or cold.

IF you keep peacocks in cages, remember, this
is their whole world: they can't go out for
water or some food they're craving- You must
bring it to them. You must make them as happy
as they can be, being an animal cooped up in a cage.
It is your job to amuse and feed them, and in
turn, they will give you many hours of beauty
and fun, and produce healthy beautiful babies if well cared for.

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