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Here are some beautiful feathers from white peacocks: they are white white, not bleached India blue peacock feathers.

( Many "white Peacock eyes" are actlually bleached blue peacock feathers, and as such, are called "degraded." )

White peafowl are an offshoot of India Blues, having blue eyes, so aren't albinos ( albinos have pink eyes ), but white peacock eyes are beautifully white, white... some with a creamy. buttery, or ivory cast.


These feathers shown are from all lengths, 3"-36" long, gathered naturally from my 3-15 year old males: Apple, Bob, Pillsbury, and others. It takes 3 years for them to completely feather out with nice eyes and swords, though sometimes there are a few eye~swirls in sword feathers.


In the photo above of white peacock feathers: from left to right: giant white eye, 2+" across, then a regular white eye; next is a white sword, some of which have smallish eyes, others, a ferny pointy tip, and last, a butterfly feather is on the right, 24"- 36"long .


~Last updated July 16, 2019~


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    3"-11" long  12"-18" long  19"-23" long 24"-36" long
White Eye Feather - Giants ( eyes 2+" across)

More soon!

$3.00 each

More soon!

$3.25 each

More soon!

$3.50 each

Many available! New long ones just arrived!

$3.75 each

Sale!! $3.50each
 White Eye Feather - Regular ( eyes 1-2" across)

A few are available

$2.00 each

More soon!

$2.25 each

Some available!

$2.50 each

Many available!

$2.75 each
 White Sword Feathers

Some are available!

$2.00 each

Many are available

$2.25 each

Some available!

$2.50 each

A few Long ones available!

$2.75 each
 White Butterfly Feathers      

Some available

2nds 1.25 each
White Eye Feathers - 2nds      


Bunches available!

Sale! Giants & Regulars -



Spalding White Eyes !

These stunning and unusual peacock eyes are here again!

Giant eyes 2-3" across the eye, 19 - 36" long and gorgeous~ $3 each~ only a few left

Regular eyes 19 - 36" are $2.75 each~



Go to the Spalding White Eyes page



Closeout SALE!!

Georgia White Eyes ~ ..white peacock eyes with a touch of Georgia...


Many available, giants and regulars 12"-36" $2.25 each !! Sale! $1.00 Each!






New!! Baby White bouquet

12 choice white peacock feathers 6-18" long, white swords + a Giant eye~ $20




White Peacock Saddle Feathers! These dome-shaped unique feathers are from the shoulders of the white peacock

40 for $22...




Bag o' white feathers ~ 40 shining assorted white peacock body and wing feathers, 1" - 5" long ~ $20

!5 baby white swords in a bundle~ 3"- 6" ~$24




Peacock Angora Feathers! Soft as bunny fur, shimmering in the slightest breeze...

Lil' Angora~ 25 of them 2-3" long~ $20 ~Big Angora 15/$22




$20 minimum on white eyes, swords, and butterflies per order.

Sorry, no wholesale on these white eye feathers.

A 15% re-stocking fee will be charged on returns.


$9.30 shipping for most US orders; postage includes $50 insurance.

Small Flat Rate boxes and Envelopes $8.00

Express Mail $25 and up; International Mailing $16 - $60


Please be aware that international shipping may have additional customs duties.




and Discover ~ speak to a real person!

Call 541-592-3648

8 am- 5 pm Monday - Saturday Pacific Time, in Oregon

CALL, and if you get a message, I am out feeding my birds, at an emergency vet visit, or getting supplies for the birds.

Please leave a message and I will call you back. Sorry, do not have international calling...


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Questions? Want to be on the White Peacock Eyes and Swords list? then please

E-mail me!


White Peacock Eye Feather and Parrot Feather Earrings & Pendants!

White peacock eyes in giant and regular sizes, with gemstones. Rare parrot feathers with gemstones!


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