Celebrate Your Wedding with Peacock Feathers


So, you're thinking of your wedding plans - invitations, table centerpieces, bouquets, boutonnieres, floral arrangements: have you thought of using peacock feathers? Here are some ideas for you. The bridal bouquet here uses white peacock feather eyes, for a long-lasting fringy effect.


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 White peacock eye, sword, & butterfly feathers can be used for head dresses, sown on dresses, invitations and for boutonnieres - and especially in bridal bouquets.



These are some of the white peacock feathers:

regular white eyes, giants, a sword, and on the lower right, a butterfly feather. Most

are 36 inches long, white eyes running from a few inches to 36" long.

Tiny India blue peacock eyes

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Silver Lace White Eye Feathers~white eyes and swords with glints of metallic blues and greens ~ New arrivals!

Here's the beautiful peacock which carries these feathers.

A word about the white eye feathers: It takes 3 years for the male to have long beautiful white eyes like these, shedding their feathers once a year. They are very rare, yet

popular, and sometimes availability is limited. Just in - a new shipment of white eye feathers! Please click to see!


 India blue peacock feather bouquets are wonderful accents for tables and other places calling for floral arrangements. Each bouquet has peacock eyes and swords - the fern-like greenish feathers below the eyes. There are always lots of these feathers available. Right now all India Blue Peacock Feather Bouquets are on sale- go see! Thanks!  



Peacock feathers are graceful and attractive, and can be mixed with flowers for bouquets and arrangements,

to help create a beautiful atmosphere for your special wedding day,

and they can be displayed long after the wedding day, as a reminder of a wonderful occasion and life together.

White peacock butterfly feathers and twirly stems make wonderful wedding table arrangements.



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