This a room of our Rose Gallery,
paintings by Southern Oregon artist Susan Rowe,
who spent more than half of 1981 immersed in an artistic
project of creating more than forty paintings of
John Lennon. You'd think it would be
difficult to come up with forty distinct images
of one person, and it seemed impossible at first.
But, once started, the project took on a
life of it's own, especially when the paintings
looked good, and lots of "happy accidents,"
unexplained neat images and
colors, begain happening in each art piece.
That's what creating art
is all about, or else it would be pretty boring!
The trick was to keep at it every day, and try to get at
least one picture done per day.

Hoping you enjoy yourself, and that the images don't seem to take
TOO long to unwrap, here's Room 5 of the exhibit:

39. Imagined

13. John Lennon Raincoat

8. Everywhere

42. Channelling

I just couldn't stop painting!

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