White Peacock Feathers

These feathers are gathered naturally, when the feathers are molted, from our 10 year old white peacocks, Troy and Helen, and the other 6 white and pied peafowl.

Troy has had a full set of feathers- up to 120 gorgeous, long white eyes! Such a beautiful cascade of white feathers, now shed and collected, and for sale. White peacock feathers are extra special- have a glowingness that is most eye catching. There are the same type of feathers as for the India blues, just in luminously white!

These wonderful feathers have a variety of uses: for weddings, crafts, feather bouquets, fly tying, jewelry, deocration, fashion design, to mention a few applications. They can be dyed also, and used for decorating and clothing, and these beautiful white feathers can just be enjoyed displayed in vases .


White eye feathers have arrived, and they do sell quickly. They are wonderful for wedding bouquets and bouts, as well as arrangements.To see the selections, Go To white eye price page - just click!

Peacock Feather Theme Wedding! See some great ideas.





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New! Silver Lace White Eyes and Swords!



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New! Feather Jewels & Jewelry ~ beautiful feather earrings and pendants ~

White Sword Feathers


Bag o' White Peacock Feathers

White Peacock Wing FeathersLimited supply

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