The Spiritual Peacock

These words from Bev Ferguson:

"....In India there are stories told that the Peacock is such a great bird that he can eat poison and not be effected. (Probably allegorical). Also Lord Krishna, one of the manifestations of God representing Divine Love and often pictured with a flute, almost always has a peacock feather crown on his head.

It is Lord Krishna that is written about in the Bhagavad Gita; the

most widely read scripture in the world,

and a favorite of Mahatma Gandhi.




Saraswati; Goddess of Wisdom and Learning

is often pictured with a Peacock or Swan by her side. Guru's often bless devotees with a wave of Peacock feathers (sometimes white) and Grace.



"... We met a male peacock living in a park outside St. John's Cathedral in New York City. The Peahen may have stayed in the background but I have a feeling she was there. He was free but friendly and at one point when I got down low to talk to him he showed his full display in response.

What a gift; so unexpected in the middle of New York City.


Anyone who views the perfection of the tail of the Peacock or the wing of a butterfly would have more than ample evidence of the order and perfection of this incredible universe. Beauty is a gift from God,no more apparent than in his wonderful creation the Peacock."


Peace, Love & Harmony,



* ^l^ May Peace Prevail on Earth^l^ *





*An exquisite Lord Krishna and peacocks picture


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