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  Description   Size  In Stock?   Price   Quantity  Subtotal
 Giant Peacock Eye  Giant-2-3" Eyes; 21"-36"long  Yes   $2 each  
 Regular Peacock Eye  Regular 21"-36"  Yes  $1 each-    

Regular Peacock Bouquet

The Holey Bouquet - a great cat teaser toy!


30 feathers



30 feathers





One available






 Large Peacock Bouquet  50 feathers   Yes  $48    
 Giant Peacock Bouquet  80 feathers - includes some giant eyes!  Yes  $78    
Peacock White Wing   12-14"   A few - mostly pointers/primary wings  Primaries-$1 each Secondaries-$1.25 each    
Large Black Wings 12-14" 


In stock


$1.60 each



Large Peacock Mottled Wings


 $2 each    


New!!Medium Mottled Wings

 4-8" Yes, many many! $.45 each    
Peacock Green Sword   21"- 36"   Yes


$1.25 each

  Peacock Tiny Tiny Eyes 3.5" -18"  Lots!

$.50 each

Special! 50/ $22


White Peacock Eyes

New! White Peacock Eye Feather Earrings


30 -36"




Check web page

 Long Giants ~$3.75 Sale! $3.50 each

LongRegulars ~$2.75

White eyes and short swords, ~$1.75 - $2 each

  New!! Silver Lace Eyes- white eyes, & swords with a touch of glow


some shorter ones available


Check web page
I have some beautiful shorter ones now, on    
Bag o'White Feathers  40/bag  Yes   $20/bag    
 Bag o' Feathers 50/bag Yes   $20/bag    
 Peacock Blue Neck 50/bag  Yes


Special! 100/$18

  Peacock Green Saddles   50/bag Sorry, out of stock~ more soon!


Special! 100/$18

 Peacock Sapphire Feathers  1.5" -3" A few! .65 each!  Some in stock!    
 Peacock Corona Feathers   1.5" - 2"   Yes

  $1 each Special 25/$20

NEW! 100/$55



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New! Feather Jewels & Jewelry ~ beautiful feather earrings and pendants ~


$8.50 shipping for most US orders; postage includes $50 insurance.

Small Flat Rate boxes and Envelopes $7.50

Express Mail $25 and up; International Mailing $16 - $65



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