Noises Peacocks Make

The first two peacocks I got were given to me- 2 males,each about a year old. I was in another part of the yard and I heard this awful "Honnnnnk!!" I was wondering what had made that NOISE, when it dawned on me that it was one of my new, nearly beautiful birds!


In the months and

years to come, I learned that peacocks make all kinds

of calls:

*At twilight, they flew up into the pine trees and the

males would call out to each other and to distant birds-

"hellllllp hellllllllllp!"

*The peahens, on the other hand, sort of say

"hell-O, hell-O."

*Sometimes the males call out with as sad dove-like call

"Ohhhhh ohhhhh," sometimes accompanied by the

dogs howling too- all at neighboring coyotes.

*When the males are fanned out, and there are several

around, they go "Aaaaahhh Aaaaahhh Aaaaahhh,"

maybe up to six times each, back and forth between

each other. I admit, this one gets to me at times,

especially if I am on the phone, it's hard to hear and

be heard!

*If they are disturbed in the night, especially if the moon is

up, they will call back and forth with the "Aaaaahhh"

calls... usually I can

put a pillow on my head to get back to sleep. (My husband

sleeps right through it all..) This all-night-calling only happens

once or so in the breeding season, and we all get

used to the noise.

*Near the end of the mating season, their poor voices get hoarse,

and sometimes they can be heard to bray or even squeak!

We all get a good laugh out of this.


When their calls stop

in August, it actually seems TOO quiet and we miss it!


My theory is that the peacocks' noise-making anatomy is much

like a trombone- a long horn, with a wide mouth or a narrow

nose as openings, giving a wide range of audio possibilities.

It seems at making time, their ears are super-sensitive and they

react to just about any noise.

I always enjoy seeing a peacock on the roof, calling out

in the early morning when it is cold, steam coming

out of his mouth, making him look like a fire-breathing

dragon. They really are something!


In the future on this page we hope to have audio

bites of peacock noises. Keep checking back here.

We hope you have enjoyed this visit to the peacock page.

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