Susan's Mini Feather Mart

Here are mini feathers, from macaws, conures, and other parrots, peacocks, parakeets, cockatiels- nothing over 3.5 inches - some as small as 3/16 inch! They can be used creatively for miniatures, dolls, jewelry, hats, decor, Native American regalia, and crafts. These feathers are all molted naturally, and proceeds from sales go to feed our birds: they enjoy nuts and seeds and fresh fruits and vegetables.



Tiny tiny scarlets! These are even smaller than the Lil' Scarlets- and more shell-shaped, 1/4" - 3/4" ~ 51 for $20


Bookmark this page in your Favorites and come back, because I am always adding great new feathers!

There are some other smallish beauties on the parrot feather page

Shipping charges, US:

Bags o' feathers, $7.50 -small box - Priority Mail -

Express Mailing - $32.00and up

Postal insurance is available; I cannot be responsible for the Post Office, although lost or damaged packages don't occur often.


Call 541-592-3648 & Discover with your credit card number and expiration date,

8 am - 5 pm Pacific Time, Monday - Saturday

Please call during business hours; and if you get a message, I am out feeding the birds or at an emergency vet visit.

Leave a message and I will call you back.


Send checks or money orders to: Susan Rowe

P.O. Box 2387, Cave Junction, OR 97523

Questions? e-mail me at (click on):


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