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John from Wisconsin Writes: "My pen is 25' wide x 50'long x 8' high with a 12' x16' x 8' building that they have free access to. In the winter I close off the outside pen and put a foot of straw on the floor of the building. I keep a heater in a 15 gallon tub of fresh water. This seems to keep them healthy when it gets down to -40."

Here's a special pea mom and baby scene, photos by John

Mom and young brood


From Ed in New Jersey: "I live in the Pine Barrens of southern New Jersey and we have had peacocks that roam freely here for about six years now. I'd estimate that we have about twenty five of various ages and some of them are white. I solved the problem of them eating flowers and veggie shoots by using wire fences as you suggest and putting thin green bamboo stakes, twelve to fifteen inches long in gardens where particularly the females practice ground nest building. I space them about ten inches apart facing up at slightly different angles. This has kept all birds out of the gardens and the green stakes are hardly visible as the garden matures. These green bamboo stakes are readily available at garden centers here and they can be taken up for the winter and last for years."

September '98 - Hello from Julie, in Australia:

Hi Susan, yes my peacocks love the cat biscuits and my chooks too. Is it
OK for the chooks to eat them do you think. I think they also have a
high protein diet. Also what is the mating time for peacocks and peahens
again, would it be November in Western Australia (our late Spring) I am
concerned he female will lay eggs somewhere and be attacked by a fox, as
they free range and sleep in a tree, perhaps some kind of shelter could
be built round her. What do you think. The males do not have their full
feathers yet, just baby grey ones. They are getting very tame, acutally
ate out of my hand the other day. Their Mum, the chook died the other
day, they looked around for her for a day, but now they have really come
out of their shells so to speak, and perch up on the verandah railings
and look what I am doing in the kitchen, and go everywhere, lets hope
they stay on our 5 acres and don't venture into next doors with their
BIG Dogs, {Post and Rail fencings, )

Also some of my chooks have unfortunately contracted Mareks Disease and
died, I hope Peacocks are not subject to this. I'm sure it probably is
just a chook disease. Do you know.

The peacocks and peahen are probably around 2 years old now, will they
mate this year or next...

Thanks for this info. It is such a joy to have them around the place,
They fan their tails all the time and think they are being 'threatening'
to the crows, and particular chooks they have decided they don't like,
it looks halarious, I can tell you, they actually shake. They remind me
of 'warriors'.

Kind Regards.
Perth Western Australia.

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