Pictures of a Young Peacock

These are sent by Jane White, who wondered whether this was a male or female, being at that ambiguous age.

He is not an India Blue, but Black Shoulder or Buff Spalding, so he doesn't have the striped shoulders and back, but there is a mottled or barred look to his feathers. According to Mike, he has a bunched crest or corona, and that makes him a Buff Spaulding.

This one shows the brown flight feathers, a good indicator of being a male, and notice those long, almost gawky legs? He is a teenage peacock, and probably is hungry all the time, just like a teenager, ;and curious too!

thanks Jane! and Mike!

Here is an India Blue male, also of teenage vintage- 8 months-1 year. Note the stripes on the back and the brown wing feather. thanks to Jan for this picture.


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