Susan's Macaw Tail Feathers

Here are the macaw tails I have for sale right now, in the chart below. Each parrot has 13 tail feathers, shed at various times of the year, and gathered at great peril, since they are not owner-friendly birds, but fierce macaws, with plenty of parrot spirit!

Feather sales from the Blue Throated, Buffon's, Scarlet, Blue & Gold, Greenwing Macaw, and Hyacinth macaws help to feed and care for them. Their numbers are dwindling in the wild, and it is my hope to breed them and increase their populations, hopefully replenishing them in their natural environment. I purchase large amounts of nuts in shell: walnuts, almonds, filberts, Brazil nuts, sunflower seeds, peanuts, Zupreem Parrot Food, and Parrot Mix, as well as lots of fresh vegetables and fruits. I also sprout grains for them, and provide as local and seasonal foods as possible, organic too. Good food makes nice feathers.

Please bookmark this page because I am constantly updating it as I get new feathers!

Click on underlined links in the chart below to see pictures of the macaws.

Here' s what I have: very good condition means very few flaws; OK means plenty nice, good presentation, may have some thin areas or uneven edges (can be trimmed in most cases) still looking good. Poor condition means chunks of feathers missing, holes, thin, but usable. All are washed and clean, molted naturally.

Last updated January 28th, 2016~ New tails just in!







 Blue & Gold Macaw - Royal Blue with gold back of feather        

 Very Good Condition

 1 @ $12 each    

 Good Condition

 2 @ $12 each    

 OK Condition

    1 @ $8 each    
 Buffons Macaw: Red to Blue with gold back of feather            

 Very Good Condition


 Good Condition


 OK Condition

Scarlet Macaw: Red, Deep Blue or red/blue with red back of feather. Some are red with pink/blue tips. Smaller tails are royal blue with red backing.            

 Very Good Condition

 2 @ $20 each*  1 @ $10 each 1 @ $9 each  

 Good Condition

1 @ $10 each

1 @ $10 each

2@ $8 each

1 @ $6 each

1 @ $4each

1 @ $8 each

1 @ $7each

1 @ $8 each


  OK Condition

 2 @ $15 each     1 @ $8 each

2 @ $7 each

1 @ $6 each

1 @ $5 each

2 @ $4 each  

 Poor Condition

  2@ $10 each     1 @ $6 each      

*bottom of quill is shredded (but can be repaired easily)

The latest scarlet macaw and blue and gold macaw tails...


Scarlet and Blue and Gold macaw tails



Blue and Gold macaw tails




Scarlet macaw tails




See macaw wings!




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