Sale!! the Holey Peacock Feathers Bouquet


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This specially priced peacock feather bouquet is such a deal! These feathers, many of them giant eyes, have some imperfections, most of which are hardly noticeable, unless you hold them up to a strong light. Grouped together in a fluffy, generous bouquet of all peacock eye feathers, they are 21"-36" long. There are 30 feathers in the arrangement, which sells for only $13.50, plus shipping.

From a viewing distance of 3 feet or so, they appear to be most beautiful, looking like the regular bouquet below. They are great for mass bouquets and costumes, and make wonderful cat teasers!


An individual feather might look like this:

A Holey Feather- on this one you can hardly see the holes! There are quite a few that have more holes than this, but still... guaranteed to have at least 1/2 the eye feather per feather!

Some of the feathers might be swords mixed in with the eye feathers...

Shipping charges:

$7.50 per order- long box, Priority Mail (2-3 days), tracking

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