Feather Tips:

*Watch and inspect your bagged feathers regularly for feather mites. It is a good idea to wash your feathers in a mild shampoo every month or so, and they should last for years if cared for. I keep mine where they get plenty of air circulation. I inspect them before they are sent, so there should be no holes, unless specified (such as the Slightly Holey Eyes or the Ratty White Feathers)

*To freshen up your feathers and bring out the color and
beauty, steam them over a pot of boiling water. BUT,
make sure you have the stove vent fan ON, because there is no smell
exactly like wet feathers, and no reason you would like smelling
them! The steaming helps to rejuvenate older feathers and fluffs them up.

*Also a blow dryer on low or air helps to plump up your feathers.

* If you have birds and want to pick up feathers, do so
before it rains, not after! It takes just one rain to
ruin feathers on the ground.

*Don't pick up feathers with wet hands... they will always stick to you!

*You can put feathers in the micorwave for 30 seconds to kill any little critters.

*Store your feathers in plastic bags , sealed, or tied (only if they are totally dry, because they can MOLD). Otherwise, store in paper bags so they can breathe
inside in a dry warmish place, and save only clean-looking
feathers, without mud and other barnyard "debris" on them.

*You can wash feathers in a mild detergent or shampoo and put them in a pillow case and dry them in the clothes drier or dry them in the air if it is warm enough; this way you are pretty sure the bugs and dirt are out. I put the washed ones in a towel and walk on it to squeeze out the moisture (just like my mother taught me to wash sweaters...)

If part of a feather is eaten, with little bits of feather pieces around, throw out the eaten ones, since the mites and worms from moth eggs will
go from one feather to another. It may help to store your sealed
and bagged feathers in the freezer to kill the mites.

*Watch out for dogs and cats eating and maiming your feathers! And that your cat doesn't eat them, since they can be just like hair balls.

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