Flowers and Peacocks

 Flowers Peacocks DON'T Like to Eat

 Flowers they LoVE to eat or destroy, looking for bugs or just having fun





Roses - questionable

Most herbs- like oregano, sage, thyme, lavender, rosemary-basically plants deer don't like- but I did see two hens devouring Lemon Balm, 0f all things!

Wild violets

Iris- sampled, then left alone!



Rhododendrons & Azaleas


Candytuft- Iberis



Daffodil flowers



Dandelions- how nice!

Alyssum- they left them alone for weeks, then pulverized them :(

Broccoli- all birds love it- not a flower, but candy to peacocks & other birds


-We have about 40 peafowl in a flock that we feed. They love stocks,
alyssum, nasturtiums, marigolds and lately they have been sampling my
impatiens. I have just about every other kind of flower and have not had
any problems with them. Something was bothering my miniature carnations
but I didn't actually see the peafowl eating them. The peafowl in my
flock do not go after the roses around here. Don't have any iris.

from-Melanie Streitfeld -


-Hi I just found your site and appreciate the flower advice. Here are
some others. I live on an historic estate in Clitnon Maryland. We have
a flock of about 14 (4 hens, 10 cocks). I have five eggs under a light
to hatch out.Last year I planted impatiens and the birds left them alone until they
had flowered then they went through and cleaned all the blooms off,
leaving the greens. The impatiens flowered two more times and the birds
took the second flowering but left the third.

The peafowl also, LOVE bronze fennel, and basil, parsley and coriander
(cilantro), they left the thyme, sage, catmint, salvia, bacopia alone,
as well as my black-eyed-susan vine.

Thanks again for the web site.


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