Sad, but true, peacocks do eat flowers; sometimes
they'll let the poor things bloom like crazy, then one day,
when the birds are bored, they will just nip off the
buds and leave them lying on the ground! Or,
they will tear all the petals off full blooms.
Mostly they are looking for bugs in those flowers,
or they have nothing better to do!

My solution is to use 24 inch chicken wire around
all my flower beds. This seems to keep them out
most of the time, except when they jump into the bed.
That just requires your eternal vigilance.

In the vegetable garden,
it is necessary to fence my peacocks
out with a high fence, with a top wire. Generally,
peacocks don't like to walk on wire or go near it,
for fear they will become entangled. But they can
fly over a fence, so we have strung wires across the
entire garden, then hung brightly colored streamers
or tape which waves in the wind, and looks sort of
like a used car lot! Then, my latest discovery is to
have lots of poles sticking up, creating an obstacle
course which no bird would dare to fly into.
If allowed into your vegetable garden, they mostly
will dig craters to dust themselves, and they
can do some damage to young squashes,
strawberries, and tomatoes.
Peacocks also don't like long sticks, so that's
the best thing to wave at them as you run all over the
trying to herd them out of the garden.

One thing peacocks really like is a nice fat
tomato horn worm, the scourge of any tomato
patch. I capture the squirming, clicking things in
cottage cheese containers and then throw them to the
birds, who trot oddly off to eat them in private.

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