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Welcome to Susan's Feathers 3!

This is the third page of Feathers from Susan:

Peacock feathers, parakeet, cockatiel, chicken/rooster feathers- whatever looks colorful and distinctive.

There are some newly added peacock specialty feathers- coronas and sapphires. Take a look!

This page has some really nice peafowl & other bird feathers. These feathers are very useful in crafts-

for masks and jewelry, for Native American creations- such as dream catchers

masks and fans, and for fly tying. Grouping several layers of the blue

neck feathers, for example, brings out radiant color

almost as brilliant as when on the bird itself.

Please bookmark this site and return often, because this is

a page which I add new items to often.


Click on pictures and titles below to see pages with prices


The Peacock Blue Neck Feather


Peacock Sapphire Feathers


Eye Feathers!




Holey Peacock Feathers- just a few tiny holes, some feathers have a few more than shown,on this one,

but if viewed from 3 or 4 feet, you wouldn't notice, especially if you had a bunch of them!

The fringy herls are usually in great shape, eye feathers are 21-36" long. These make GREat CAT teasers!



If you would like to order, please e-mail me at

(click on)

Email me!

To confirm that there are sufficient feathers available unless there are lots available.


$8.00 shipping for most US orders; postage includes $50 insurance.

Small Flat Rate boxes and Envelopes $7.50

Express Mail $32 and up; International Mailing $16 - $60

Send checks or money orders to:

Susan Rowe

PO Box 2387

Cave Junction, OR 97523 USA

For Master Card and Visa, call me at:

541-592-3648 with your credit card #

8 am - 5 pm Pacific Time, Monday - Saturday

Call during business hours; and if you get a message, I am out feeding the birds or at an emergency vet visit.

Please leave a message and I will call you back.


New! Feather Jewels & Jewelry ~ beautiful feather earrings and pendants ~

New! Macaw Tail Feathers, as long as 23"!

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