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Peacock feathers are very special: there are many
different kinds & qualities of feathers on just one bird besides the
most obvious "eye" feathers: striped or mottled wing feathers, blue and green neck feathers, angora- fluffy feathers, long gray true tail feathers,
iridescence and mini peacock image in the eye feathers, and gorgeous colors on other wing and neck feathers, the tiny crown feathers (corona) on the head, - just to
mention a few.

The feathers from peafowl are used in crafts and hobbies- for hats, jewelry, and clothing adornment, masks and head dresses and for home decoration, for salmon and trout fly tying. Many people like to have them as bouquets of many long peacock feathers. A combination of eye feathers & swords makes a wonderful colorful and fluffy arrangement.

When you purchase Susan's feathers, you are helping keep this web site online and furthering research into the well-being and preservation of peacocks and other birds. Susan is able to then give free information on peacock care.(For example, we are researching the design of deluxe housing for peacocks, guinea fowl, chickens, Cockatiels, parakeets, macaws, and other parrots, as well as researching waterproof wild bird feeders and feeding stations (our "bird entertainment centers"). Also, Subscribing to Susan's Wild Peacock World also helps keep all this going.


Below are top quality feathers for sale, some in limited quantities:

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 Peacock Eye Feather

  Susan's Peacock Feather Bouquet- Regular, Large, and GIANT Bouquets

Sale! $3 off each bouquet!

Assortments of fine quality peacock eyes; most are 36" long! Lots in stock.

14"Peacock Wing FeathersSword Feather - Sale!!

Tiny Tiny eyesSpecial White Peacock Feathers! I have some!



Susan's Limited Editions - from rare feather collections to one-of-a-kind or very few of - interesting things!



Bag o' Feathers

50 for $20

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Brand NEW !! Susan's Mini Feathers Page!

Macaw Tail Feathers- up to 23"!

Parrot Feathers~ Click!!

New! Feather Jewels & Jewelry ~ beautiful feather earrings and pendants ~

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Shipping charges:

$8.50 shipping for most US orders; postage includes $50 insurance.
Small Flat Rate boxes and Envelopes $7.50
Express Mail $32 and up; International Mailing $16 - $65


Note: generally, if a combination of long and short and bags o' feathers, the shipping per order will be $7,50

Postal insurance is available; I cannot be responsible for the Post Office, although lost or damaged packages don't occur often.

Please note: a 10% restocking fee may be added to returned items.


Questions? -email me at on)


To confirm that there are sufficient feathers available

Want it quickest?

Call 541-592-3648

with your credit card number, 3 digit security code number, and expiration date,

8 am - 5 pm Pacific Time, Monday - Saturday

Express Mailing available- $30.00

Call during business hours; and if you get a message, I am out feeding the birds or at an emergency vet visit.

Please leave a message and I will call you back.

Send checks or money orders to::

Susan Rowe

P.O. Box 2387, Cave Junction, OR 97523



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