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 Here are some actual words from satisfied customers:


 Susan, I got the feathers and they are beautiful....they shipped perfect!
Thanks, Donna


Your site is beautiful.


 Hi, Susan, Thanks for the quick service.Happy Holidays & 2000 to you. Joe


 Thank you so much. The wonderful feathrs arrived today. So beautiful. Sharon


Hi Susan! The feathers arrived today! I'm very glad to get them. The feathers are
really great! Thank you. Marc


 Susan, thank you the feathers were at the post office and they are very nice.Thank you for the extras. I'm passing them on to our costume
designer and will phone you when we have an order. Thanks again. Alan


 I've been meaning to let you know that I received the order of peacock
feathers and I am very pleased. Thanks so much. I'll let all my
friends know you're here. Judy

Susan, I just got the feathers, thank you so much for getting those out so quickly, I appreciate it so much!!
Thanks, Debbie


 Thanks for your effort. It is not often that my mail order activities encounter someone who is really interested
in good service. Thanks, ju


 Hi Susan,
The peacock feathers arrived this afternoon. They are gorgeous! More
beautiful and iridescent than I remembered peacock feathers to be. Thanks so much. Jan


Hi Susan!!

I received my eathers today...They are beautiful!!! Thanks so much!!

I got the feathers, and they are gorgeous! (especially the sapphires) Thank you, Paul.


I received the peacock feathers yesterday and had to tell you they are simply gorgeous. Can't wait to see what the white ones will look like. =)
I told some friends about your site, and they might get some too. One wants to look at mine when she comes over. So, I wanted to let you know they arrived safely and I'm very happy with them. =) Have a great day!


 Thank you

so much for doing as I asked.

I appreciate your help.

Dear Susan,
In December you sent me 60 peacock feathers...Do you have anymore. I would like to have 60 more. You can't imagine the beautiful arrangement I had made. It is absolutely incredible. Thanks so much and I look forward to doing business with you again. Alice

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