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Large, Generous, and Colorful Peacock Feather Bouquet

This abundantly fluffy feather bouquet has 35 feathers, composed of long, choice peacock eye feathers and ferny sword feathers - enough to command a presence in a place of importance. Each feather is fresh and without holes, and with proper care, should last for years.

The eyes & sword feathers are 21- 36" long, most about 35". Butterfly feathers (the long feathers with a "v" at the top) will be included if available.

They look lovely in a very tall vase.

Notice the smaller dark blue peacock image within the peacock eye!

Peacock feather bouquets and peacock feathers used as decoration especially became important in the Victorian era, with whole rooms being named for these royal birds and the beautiful feather bounty they produce.

Sale! $3 off larger bouquets!

Price for this fluffy bouquet - Regular size 30 feathers - $28

Large Peacock Feather Bouquet- 50 Feathers: - $48 -

GIANT Peacock Feather Bouquet- 80 Feathers: - $78 -


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