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Welcome to Susan's second parrot feather page~ a selection of naturally molted parrot feathers on Sale- from Macaws- blue & golds, blue throated, hyacinth and Buffons, green conures, African Gray parrots, true Australian & Indian parakeets, and budgies, and other various parrots.

The feathers shown below are one-of-a-kind, limited collections. These feathers are useful in crafts, fly tying, for Native American ceremonies and regalia, hats, for beading, head dresses, and/or just to admire for the colorful beauty they provide.

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The scarlet macaw wings have red backing, blue and gold macaws have golden backs

Primary wings from macaws, $2 each, great condition. 7-12.5" long, limited supply

Secondary wings - in the middle - 7"+ are $2.50 each and beautiful!


Left to right: scarlet wing, centers, blue throated macaw wings, scarlet, then a blue and gold macaw wing.

Size 7- 12.5 inches. Some have shredded stems, which can be fixed easily .(Sorry, that's the way they come off the parrots!)


$8.50 shipping for most US orders; postage includes $50 insurance.

Small Flat Rate boxes and Envelopes $7.50

Express Mail $25 and up; International Mailing $16 - $65


 Proceeds from sales of these feathers go towards feeding my birds.

thank you!

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CALL, and if you get a message, I am out feeding my birds, at an emergency vet visit, or getting supplies for the birds.

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