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New!! Windchime necklaces- new variety ~ Turquoise!



Georgia White Eyes - White peacock eyes with a touch of Georgia!All lengths 12" -36"

$1 each!! ($20 minimum





White Peacock Feathers Bundles!

Baby white Swords~ 2-9"~ 15 for $21 Click to find out more!




Strawberry stones! put these weather-coated rocks around your strawberries to confuse birds~ 11 for $15


Hat feathers! An exotic collection to adorn your hat, composed of pheasant, rooster, cockatiel duck, and parakeet tails~ 15 of them 2" - 9" long~ $15





Painted Wings ~ artfully decorated peacock wings, 12 -14" long!




Cinnamon wings~ BIG Sale! $1.25 each! `12-14" long!


 Large Mottled wings~ 12-14"

More arriving soon!

 Back in stock!!

Big Wings!
 Black wings~ 12 -14"



Peacock Sapphire Feathers ~ Limited Supply of these rare ones. .65 each



BIG SALE!!! Silver Lace and Georgia White Peacock Feather Sale!! New lowest prices Yet!




New!!White Peacock Saddle Feathers!

40 White Saddle/shoulder Feathers 2 - 3" ~ $20







Garnet Kimbalehs - musical windchime necklaces - committed love, passion, vitality, perserverance - with gold Kimbaleh "K!" ~ only 2 left!


New Parrot feathers! Colorful assortments! Many Specials!


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