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The Princess of the Peacocks

"Aloha kaua, e Susan -

I am wondering if you
know the story of the Crown Princess of the Kanaka Maoli("Hawaiian") people - Victoria Ka'iulani, who died in 1899 at the tragic age of 23.
This is the centennial of her death, and a beautiful new "heroic-sized" statue of her feeding one of her pet peacocks will be unveiled this fall on a corner of the Waikiki property that was once her home estate.

Photo from Hawaii State Archives

Princess Ka'iulani was known for her love of peacocks, which roamed the10-acre grounds of her estate; she was said to have made "a study" of them, and to this day is remembered in Hawai'i by use of the Hawaiian word "pikake" (the Hawaiian pronunciation of "peacock") which stands forboth the bird and the flower of the Chinese jasmine plant.

Princess Ka'iulani wearing a lei hulu manu, a feather lei

Photo from Hawaii State Archives

Ka'iulani has a far greater significance, however, than that of being
"Princess of the Peacocks" - she is still a beloved royal symbol of a
dispossessed Nation, and its hopes for justice. There are a number of books available about her, an immense photo record
survives as well - she was spectacularly beautiful."

Bishop Museum photo.

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