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This is the Kimbaleh Musical Peace and Prosperity Wind Chime Necklace

It is tuned to harmonize with universal musical vibrations. and makes a lovely tinkling sound, which is very pleasant to experience. This jewelry is crafted of wood, bamboo, sold brass chimes, and has a beautiful gemstone as the center of the chime. Each precious stone symbolizes unique qualities for healing, peace, prosperity and harmony:

New stones just in!

Amethyst- purple - peace, tranquility, & inspiration

Aventurine - green - prosperity, emotional strength, continuity

New!! Garnet - deep red - committed love, passion, vitality, perseverance - with gold Kimbaleh "K"

Hematite - metallic grey- magnetism, self-confidence, good health

Lapis - blue -inner truth, inner power, love, self confidence

Malachite - green - soothing, bringing rest, helping sleep & balancing emotions; traveler's aid

Moonstone - iridescent - magical powers, ancient wisdom, good fortune, nurturing, abundance - Sorry, temporarily out of stock

Onyx - black -protection, physical strength, grounding, stamina, strength, loyalty

Rose Quartz - pink - love for self & others, forgiveness

Tiger's Eye - self-awareness, relaxation, courage, willpower, grace.

Turquoise - protection, courage, money, love, friendship, healing, luck


Price: $19.95 each for windchime necklace + $7.50 postage (you can include from 1 - 5 windchime necklaces!)

Specials! Buy 3 necklaces and get free shipping!

Buy 4 windchime necklaces and get a 5th one free ! + $7.50 postage (+insurance if you want it) for the whole order!


It is said that when the chimes are rung, especially by children, little angels rush down to earth, because it reminds them of the sweet music they hear in heaven. It is truly a unique and heavenly sound, very comforting.


To order your wearable wind chimes,

For Mastercard and Visa, call me at

Pacific Time, 541-592-3648 with your credit card number and expiration date,

8 am - 5 pm Monday - Saturday - Pacific Time...

If you get a message, I am out feeding the birds or at an emergency vet visit.

Please leave a message and I will call you back.

Postal insurance is available and recommended; I cannot be responsible for the Post Office, although lost or damaged packages don't occur often.

Please email or call to confirm I have the Kimbalehs you want.

Send checks or money orders for your chimes

+ $7.50 postage (in US), to:

Susan Rowe

P.O. Box 2387, Cave Junction, OR 97523

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