Welcome to Georgia White Peacock Eyes!

These lovely white eye feathers are from Georgia: they are from white peacocks with a tinge of Georgia clay coloring; they are nearly as white as my white eyes, but have a bit of Georgia in them.. buff or ivory tones, and they are very affordable!


You can see they are white, some really white, others buff or creamy - colored. Giant Georgias are 2-3" across the eye and the regulars are 1" - 2" across the eyes

Price: Sale!!

Shorter Georgia eyes 12-18" $1.75 each

Georgia white eyes Regulars and Giants 19"- 36" $2.25 each - all very nice! Special! $2 each!

Call 541-592-3648 and Discover ~ speak to a real person!

with your credit card number and expiration date,

8 am - 5 pm Pacific Time, Monday - Saturday

Please Call during business hours; and if you get a message, I am out feeding the birds or at an emergency vet visit.

Leave a message and I will call you back. Sorry, I can't return international calls.

A 15% re-stocking fee will be charged on returns.

$8.00 shipping for most US orders; postage includes $50 insurance.

Express Mail $32 and up; International Mailing $16 - $65



Questions? Want to be on the White Peacock Eyes and Swords list? then please

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