Susan's Feather Jewels

Welcome to Susan's feather creations: unique jewelry crafted with feathers which are naturally and humanely gathered from my parrots, scarlet and buffons' macaws, Double Yellow Headed Amazons, and Congo African Greys sometimes with great danger, picking them up while wild parrots are charging!

The white eyes feathers are from my white peacock males; it takes 3 years for them to develop mature eyes and swords. They drop their feathers in early summer, usually just before it gets really hot here in Oregon!

Great care is taken in making these feather treasures, using clean and unflawed feathers, some very rare. Findings: sterling silver or stainless steel ear wires, and sterling or pewter findings, best quality. Gemstone beads and pendants have enhancing properties, and come mostly from Fire Mountain Gems or from my life-long collection of gems....

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Feather Collage Photo above, top left to right: Blue View- color magic"scarlet macaw wing, millefleur beads, white eye with aventurine carved heart, Margaritas- shocking chartreuse amazon tail feather with millefleur beads, tiny white eye, Tiny white eye earring, Giant Fanciful Feather White Eye Pendant,, White eye earring, Pacific Sunset- Scarlet macaw wing feather and scarlet body feather, and Giant white eye earring.



BoxessInTheWoods is on etsy!! Feathers, jewelry, Bob's boxes~ all creations from our forest shop!

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