Pinkerton, November 3, 2002

Here she is, weighing in at just a smidge under 2.5 lbs, having had a meal this morning from me.


 She stays in at night in this 2 X 4' cage, covered by the Mexican blanket, plenty of toys to play with, and a chunk of manu, which he has enjoyed so far.


Here she is outside in the sunny, but cold morning, about 36 degrees. I put him outside in her 4 x 8' flight cage in the morning sun, and she stays there until late afternoon. I often let her walk/fly around the yard, and he has gone at least 50 feet on one of her jaunts.


She has beautiful turquoise feathers on his back, usually covered up, unless he flies or flaps her wings. I can pull her tail feathers and pet under her wings, hold her like a baby, and clip her nails, while still maintaining all ten fingers ( I counted just to make sure...).

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Pinkerton's parents, Peanut and Petunia are for sale now! They are proven breeders, which is hard to find these days, and they are healthy, beautiful, and interesting. Click to find out more about them!