Baby Buffon's Macaw

Hatched May 15, 2002 and fed by parents for 5 weeks.


I have handled this baby nearly daily since she was small.

The chick spends time outdoors every day.


The Buffon's macaw (Ara ambigua) is often mistaken for the Military macaw (Ara militaris) until you put them together: the Buffon's is larger, and the green is more yellow, the blues more blue, and turquoise. The red on the forehead is more scarlet than on the Military macaw. Buffon's macaws have a beautiful rainbow of feathers, and on the back, between the wings, the feathers are turquoise.

   At the first of September. the chick is on 2 feedings, also eating fruit (especially bananas), veggies, small pieces of nuts, peanuts, and sunflower seeds, and Hot 'N Hearty cooked food, which has legumes, sweet potatoes, grains, seeds, greens, and probably a lot more good ingredients.

I have been calling her/him Aileen, after my dear aunt, but am wondering if the bird shouldn't be called "Alain" or "Alex!" So, I have been careful to say she is such a good bird, not girl!


    At 102 days the chick weighed 2.25 lb., and up to 2.5 when just fed, which looks exactly right according to to Joanne Abramson's Large Macaws book. The father weighs 2.75 lbs. and the mother 2.50 lbs. I feed the parents nuts, peanuts, and Zupreme monkey biscuits, cooked Hot and Hearty , broccoli, carrots, varied fruits, sunflower seeds, corn on the cob, cuttle bone pieces, and whole wheat bread. And more...

Both the parents have been hand fed, but are fiercely wild now, and made great parents. I made sure their feed cups were full, and every time I checked, the baby's crop was full. I put a closed steel band on at 21- 31 days... someone kept pulling it off, but finally is it on for good, on the right leg.

This bird is gentle, and nearly humanly talks to me, perches on a stick, eats well, can be handled easily,


and now has a wonderful home

in Washington.

This bird is a fine pet! She watches tv with the family!

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