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Bob Boess

Model aircraft enthusiast and builder


Builder of handcrafted boxes, among other things


Sadly, Bob passed away at his home, June 3, 2006.

Bob was born in Massachusetts, and lived his life in the
West, coming to Cave Junction in 1984.
He apprenticed in the 50s as a cabinet maker, also building
church pews, boats, windmills, campers, and airplanes, and more.
Locally he was known as "Bob Boxess" for his amazing rustic
wooden boxes, which won several awards at fairs and craft shows.
Seventeen years ago he started his tractor business with a John
Deere, then Kuboda tractors, and, as he said, was "always on time."
His favorite hobby was building and flying model airplanes,
some with wing spans as large as 90". Bob was president of
several model airplane clubs in Santa Cruz and Salinas, and taught
many kids and adults to fly with his "crashless method."
Besides his wife Susan, he is survived by four children and
four grandchildren. Bob has helped many people with his expertise
in woodworking, his magical boxess, model airplanes, and his
excellent tractor work; he had a great number friends in the valley
and is very much missed.
Donations may be made in his honor to the American Humane
Society, Katrina Fund.

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