The Bag of Feathers!

Here is a gallon-sized bag of feathers, which
contains a random assortment, including a mix of:
swords, blue and green peacock neck and back feathers,
small wing feathers, colorful pheasant feathers,
peacock body feathers, rooster neck, wing and tail feathers, 1 or 2 eye feathers, beautiful pullet (young hen) wing feathers, maybe even a few parakeet & cockatiel feathers!
There are at least 70 feathers in the bag,
more if there are many small feathers, from whatever is available at the time, so bags may vary, making each one unique, and may not look exactly like the image above, but still is a nice group of gorgeous feathers.
This rich assortment is great for the hobbyist and
feather collector: dream catchers, fly tying, hair ornaments, earrings, weddings, miniatures, Native American regalia beading-

there are many uses for these colorful feathers.

Bags o' Feathers are $20 each

$8.50 Postage per order (up to 4 bags), Priority Mail with tracking.

Postal insurance is available; I cannot be responsible for the Post Office, although lost or damaged packages don't occur often.

Custom bag mixes are 40 feathers per bag.

Send a check or money order snailmail to:

Susan Rowe
PO Box 2387
Cave Junction, OR 97523

For Master Card and Visa, call me at:

541-592-3648 with your credit card #,

8 am - 5 pm Pacific Time, Monday - Friday

If you get a message, I am out feeding the birds, buying bird food, mailing packages, or at an emergency vet visit.

Please leave a message and I will call you back.

Questions? E-mail me ! at:

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